Everyone has their own all-time favorite movies.

Some say their best movie made them recall the memorable moment in their life,

Or some say their best movie gave them some tips for their life.

NK Contents, founded in 2013, is a distribution company which acquires movie, TV show, and Animation and distributes them to theaters, IPTVs, and internet platforms.

We still remember that people ease tiredness with the movie, <Midnight Diner>, recall their faded memory of love with the movie, <My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday>, and miss the family’s bonds with the movie, <Her love boils the bathwater>.

Whenever you need some good movies like this,

We, NK contents, will get there for you with a good movie. 

 Thank you.



Providing culture of services to make people 

live an abundant life


Acquiring and distributing contents with 
a good quality


Becoming one of the global leading company

by capitalizing on a wide variety of contents

Line of Business



the overseas contents

Acquiring the media contents including the film, TV series, animation movie.

Acquiring the library contents from many countries, including Japan, China, France, USA.




the overseas contents

Distributing the media contents including the film, TV series, animation movie.

Providing the contents to theater, IPTV, mobile, TV, internet platform.


Selling the media 

contents abroad

Selling Korea media contents internationally, including Korea movies, TV-show.


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